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Hollinger Print operates an environmental policy that reflects our attitude to be excellent across every area of our business. We run a quality business that aims to maximise efficiencies across the board.

Operating from a purpose built factory that offers a clean, hygienic and visually attractive environment to work in, we operate a ‘common sense’ environmental policy that puts our principles and policies before profit. We don’t believe that being green is just about awards and maximising marketing opportunities (although there is value in this). It is about our culture and core beliefs both individually and collectively and how we embrace our responsibilities to do whatever is in our power to make a difference to the world in which we live.

Our commitment

  1. The use of vegetable based inks.
  2. The use of recycled paper or paper that is guaranteed to be from renewable sources (FSC accredited).
  3. Minimisation of harmful emissions to the atmosphere.
  4. Control of noise levels where practicable.
  5. Minimisation of waste in all areas of production.
  6. Recycling, disposal and treatment of waste (including effluent) in an environmentally efficient manner.
  7. A quality working environment that provides a safe, hygienic and efficient working environment that is consistent with our policy of excellence across every area of our company. Including our impact on the environment.
  8. A proactive maintenance policy across the whole company, ensuring the greatest possible levels of efficiency across all machinery and processes.
  9. To always consider the environmental impact of the investments we make and make our decisions accordingly.

Green Policy | Hollinger Print Norwich

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