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The power of a printed newsletter

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Ok, so we’re using our newsletter to talk about printed newsletters!

printednewsletterBut don’t just take my word for it, in the words of Nigel Botterill, one of the UK’s leading marketeers, ‘It’s the single most effective tool to build relationships with your customers’. If there’s one piece of marketing literature we’re most receptive to, it’s a newsletter.

A well produced newsletter captures our attention and can be interesting, informative, quirky, with a bit of personality. Catchy headlines, interesting photos, and relevant articles, make it an easy read.

But why not just send an eshot? Well eshots are great, and we all use them, but they’re no substitute for a professionally produced, printed newsletter. When you’ve gone to the effort of producing the content, it would be a shame not to maximise the opportunity. A printed newsletter, supplemented by an eshot (maybe split up over 3 or 4 emails), means you’re covering all the bases.

It does take a bit of effort, but then so does anything that’s worthwhile. Just be deliberate about making it happen and getting the content, because that’s the hardest bit, we can help you with the rest… obviously!

5 Benefits Of A Printed Newsletter:

  1. It’s perceived as a publication, not advertising and people are much less conditioned to reading information and articles than advertising.
  2. It has a longer shelf life. A newsletter hangs around, and is less likely to be binned, or deleted from an inbox. Often read by multiple readers.
  3. Newsletters can be a forum for changing people from being customers into a community.
  4. They help build trust and stronger relationships.
  5. People just like something a bit different, more of a personal edge.

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